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India is blessed with a vast coastline covering almost half the country, but nothing beats a seaside experience than exploring the islands separated from the mainland. Set amidst the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are filled with such countless islands that are quintessential solitude resorts. Among them, Havelock Island surely takes the cake by being the most tranquil spot, loaded with immortal natural beauty. Discover this serene expanse of land with our exciting Havelock Island tourism packages and celebrate the country’s extraordinary diversity here. The ideal way to reach Havelock Island is by embarking on a three to four hour journey aboard a ferry from Andaman’s capital, Port Blair. Government ferries are your best bet as they are affordable, but have your seat booked in advance as tickets sell out quickly. If you are looking for a more luxurious ride, you can pamper yourself by taking a seat in catamaran ferries which are centrally air-conditioned and offer amenities like leather seats and even a TV. The tickets lean towards the pricey side, but getting them will be a breeze. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can even take an exciting helicopter ride or even get a seat in a Cessna plane and get spectacular aerial views of the ultramarine landscape below. An aerial journey is quicker as well by traversing the distance in about an hour. The first glimpse of Havelock will throw you back with its magnanimous appeal. Lush green dense vegetation, immeasurable spotless beaches surrounded by a vibrant expanse of crystal clear waters of the sea. No wonder it is the most visited spot among all the islands here, as none other matches the radiant charm of Havelock. It goes without saying that the crowning glory of Havelock Island are its quaint beaches which stand out as some of the best in the country. The famous Radhanagar Beach is the most beautiful one over here and its beauty has been appreciated all over the world, earning it the title of Asia’s best beach by the prestigious Time Magazine in 2004. Its mesmerising white sands set against the backdrop of emerald forests make it a must-visit beach during your stay here. Hidden away in the nearby jungle is the Blue Lagoon, a placid water body which emanates feelings of isolation - a place to experience solitude at its best. The Elephant Beach or the ‘Haathi Tapu’ comes in a close second as far as its beauty is concerned. It gets its unusual name due to the elephants here which roam around in this region. The Elephant Beach’s clear azure water makes it a favourite of the crowd. You can reach the beach by taking a ferry or small cruise boat. Due to the 2004 Tsunami, the surviving trees have transformed into unique structures which will immediately grab your attention. With such a versatile topography, Havelock Island is the perfect place for adventure enthusiasts to partake in some stunning activities. The clear unpolluted water here is a flawless arena to indulge in some snorkelling and admire the flourishing coral reefs and abundant marine life which thrives here, even in shallow waters. Experienced swimmers can even take part in scuba diving to explore the nether regions of the sea bed and get an intimate look at the rich marine life here. With exotic fish like the Sailfish, Blue Marlin and Seahorse roaming freely in the waters here, a dive in Havelock’s waters is a dream come true for a DSLR photographer. Havelock Island’s adventures spread far beyond the aqueous regions. The copious forest cover envelope the islands and offer many hiking and trekking trails across the region. Imagine yourself surrounded by massive trees which block out the sunlight while listening to the distant roar of the ocean. You can get one step closer to nature here by camping out on beaches that will offer you a unique kind of accommodation worth experiencing. You can also hop on a fishing boat and have a thrilling fishing session where you battle it out with the exotic saltwater fish here. The food found in Havelock is an amalgam of different styles and influences that the region picked up from all the settlers who came to explore the Andaman Islands. The staple food here is mainly rice accompanied by seafood or curries made out of the vegetables growing here. Due to its close proximity to Kerala, there is a distinct Malabar hint in most dishes. Tempering of oil, coconut and strong flavoured homemade spices are the main constituents of the flavours found here. The fresh seafood found here is a delicacy which must be tried. Havelock Island is a breathtaking tourist spot and must be visited at least once in your lifetime. So grab this opportunity with our tourism packages and experience Havelock Tourism at its best.
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