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Among India’s topographical and cultural marvels, the Andaman islands takes a special place as its isolated beaches, verdant wilderness and colourful tribal traditions add up to a surreal realm which transports you to a different place altogether. Located between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, the islands are brimming with numerous attractions for all ages. Its astounding beauty and atmospheric surroundings make for a perfect vacation spot undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan culture of Indian cities. So take a break from the honking horns and hectic city life and join us as we help you unwind yourself with amazing Andaman tourism packages which will guarantee you an experience you will never forget.The capital city of Port Blair serves as an ideal point to start your voyage across Andaman. The city is a multi-ethnic potpourri of diverse cultures and religions with people from over 5 different tribes from across the islands living in mutual accordance. What’s surprising is that the city has never been ground to any kind of conflict based on religion or community despite the cultural variety here. In fact, the citizens have embraced these elements and have created a unique identity for the city. Port Blair merely scratches the surface of Andaman’s beauty but the attractions here should definitely be on your list to visit.Take a nostalgic and patriotic trip back in time by visiting the infamous Cellular Jail or Kalapani. It is this very jail where numerous freedom fighters were jailed and tortured by the British while they continued to support the Indian Independence Movement with rock solid spirit and undiluted courage. You can still visit the gallows which are haunted by chilling memories of the executions which took place.Port Blair has a number of attractions focussed on the ecology and biodiversity of the islands. Get on the wild side by taking a trip to the Mini Zoo here which is a refuge for many indigenous wildlife found here. Despite its name, this small zoo is home to many unique varieties of flora and fauna. Rosewood, padauk and maple trees dot this sanctum for monkeys, a saltwater crocodile and Malayan box turtles. It is also refuge to many native bird species like the Andaman dark serpent eagle, white bellied sea eagle and the endangered pigeons of the nearby Nicobar Islands. If that’s not enough, visit the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, a lush expanse of dense greenery with exotic birds flying freely over your head and the surroundings echoing with their cacophony of whistles and croaks.After a trip through the city, take a breezy boat ride to Neil Island, a miniature green paradise with exuberant forest cover and spotless white beaches. Get a taste of the local lifestyle of Andaman in the villages of Laxmanpur, Bharatpur and Sitapur here. Also called the ‘vegetable bowl’ of Andaman, Neil Island is a thriving sanctuary of banana plantations and flourishing paddy fields. However, Neil Island’s beaches are what make it a desirable spot on the map. Spend an evening in the undisturbed endless beaches here with the sea stretching all over the horizon. The crystal clear water here make for a delightful spot to view the coral reefs here and the marine life which envelopes it.Talk about beaches and the name Havelock Island must be taken. Emerald dense rain forests and pristine beaches extending as far as your eye can see, the landscape of this island has a breathtaking quality like no other. The Radha Nagar Beach is a locale straight out of a movie - placid blue waters, fine sandy beaches and a massive backdrop of unending vegetation, no wonder this beach has been named the best in Asia by the Time magazine. Take a thrilling dive into the azure realm teeming with aquatic life. The brilliant locales of Havelock Island have remarkable spots to camp as well. Imagine yourself inside a tent where all you can hear is the distant roar of the ocean with the seaside breeze seeping in. You can also hike upwards towards the more vegetated area and set up a nice camping spot amidst the Andaman rainforest.Water sports, beaches, hiking trails - Andaman has it all, but visiting an active volcano surely adds a bit of thrill to your trip. With special permission from the forest authorities, you can take a trip to Barren Island, the only active volcano of India. Take an adventurous trip via chartered boats to this prehistoric marvel and get amazed by its sheer power.Tourism in Andaman is a celebrated affair as it is clear that Andaman’s sights and attractions are a tourist’s delight. Our packages and a long break from work, that is all you need to bask in the beauty of this beautiful island group and experience an unforgettable vacation.
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The Andaman Islands are highly acclaimed for their natural beauty, sun-kissed beaches and relaxing environs. Furthermore, the islands are a treasure trove of underwater beauty and a rich diversity of flora and fauna.
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