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Amsterdam Family Tour Packages

Amsterdam’s beautiful historic cityscape along with its vibrant and laid-back atmosphere is going to enchant you. Due to its network of canals, Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North. Amsterdam has something for everyone - from canals, cafes, museums, culture and picturesque buildings. See the bustling streets, experience the nightlife, take a boat trip along the city’s many canals, rent a bicycle and tour the beautiful small city with our Amsterdam family packages.Try out the famous Dutch pancakes on your Amsterdam family tour. The food is rich and you can try out anything from sweet, mild, savoury and spicy dishes that suit your taste buds. The Stroopwafels, which is two thin waffels with syrup in the middle, is a Dutch classic. As Indonesia was a former colony of Netherlands, chips with peanut sauce (an Indonesian dish) is best to have on-the-go.Family packages for Amsterdam tours and travel offer a wide variety of hotels to choose, from the luxurious 3 star or 5 star hotels, to hostels and boutiques by the canal-side. If you feel like having a chilled beer, head to the Heineken Experience which is a visitor centre of the Dutch pilsner. It includes its own tasting bar. The city also extends bike tours of its resplendent canals, some of which are also a part of the World Heritage Sites list, a must-try for all travellers.There are surprises at every turn in Amsterdam. Explore the legendary nightlife and party atmosphere with your family as you also come across its cultural heritage and architecture. It’s an appealing destination for all age groups.
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Jewels of Europe 10 Nights Upon request
Best of United Kingdom with Europe 10 Nights Upon request
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