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Amsterdam Honeymoon Tour Packages

A memorable honeymoon is a lovely part of matrimonial bliss and is something couples remember for the rest of their lives. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our Amsterdam Honeymoon Packages in such a way that your first couple holiday experience is romantic and enchanting at the same time. Amsterdam has carved a niche’ for itself as a honeymoon destination with beautiful canals, museums, restaurants and night life options. It is often deemed as an affordable honeymoon destination in comparison to the more popular Paris and Rome and with good reason as there is a lot of erstwhile culture to be absorbed. The accommodation choices range from classical to contemporary with high tech amenities and make for a great stay in this picturesque capital of Netherlands. Get fine dining options in the form of open-air restaurants where you can enjoy delectable food while enjoying the glistening views of the neighbourhood around the place. A notable option is the De Kas where the chef sets the menu each night and you get to savour delicious dishes made from a lot of organic ingredients that come straight from the farm. Most of the popular places around Amsterdam are accessible by walking and you can always take a public tram when you need it. Take a free walking tour of the city and get lost with your better half in the enchanting streets of the Dutch capital. Along with that, going on a river cruise through its historical canals is the other good option to take. Visit the famous Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt House to admire the works of these famous painters. Amsterdam also houses excellent bars and pubs which provide a great night life experience for those who are nocturnal by nature. Drink and dance and also get to experience live music. So enjoy all this and more when you take a Honeymoon package to Amsterdam.
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