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An interesting mix of contrasts, Singapore sits at the crossroads of East and West. From glass skyscrapers that rise above Chinatown's historic lanes to the bustling world of Little India, the old marries the new here with much élan. Beneath the well-polished veneer of shiny shopping malls and manicured avenues lies the cultural heart of Singapore beating with much ferocity. From places of worship to the animal kingdom. Plants feeling left out? Count them in too! For a tiny island, there’s enough to do here to keep you busy for a fair amount of time; plus, an overlap of their history, people and religion with ours, which makes it interesting to clue in to.It is this multi-hued character that attracts a large number of tourists from all around the world to come and have a taste of this glitzy universe. Many travel magazines have innumerably dissected this region, further entrancing the seasonal travellers to have a tryst with this magnificent place. In fact Singapore tourism offers you so much that you will be rotten spoiled for choices. Don’t believe us? In time, you will.For the epicurean lovers: Amongst places that boast with pride of a varied ethnic brew, Singapore is a tough competitor. After all, where else in the world can one soak into the essence of Malay, Islamic and Chinese all in one. This concoction makes the wandering streets an absorbing delight for the discerning travellers. And it is this multi-faceted display of ethnicities that makes this glitzy city a haven for gastronomical lovers. Food is an obsession here. From stir fried delights served at the bustling hawker centres to the exquisite culinary masterpieces proffered at the fine restaurants – a unique epicurean experience awaits you at every corner here. Tickle your taste buds with the famous Sambal Stingray, try the oyster omelette, dive into fish head curry, the list is endless. For the shopaholics: You cannot complete your holidaying in Singapore without paying homage to the shopping deity, as shopping is sacred here. Places like the Orchard Road are a feast for shopaholics. Here you can get Louis Vuitton, Chanel or any other couture label under the sun. Splurge on this 7-km glittering stretch with grandeur malls, dazzling lanes and shimmering shops. Going literally by the phrase ' shop till you drop', the people here embark on incessant bargaining expeditions at the local marts where everything from apparel to electronics is set on a lavish display. For the nocturnal beingsOnce the hustle-bustle of day time dies down, another world takes over this glam world. Your evening plans are transformed to paparazzi events at the famous bars and lounges. A wide array of entertainment choices await you at these hotspots. There is so much to explore – waterholes for enjoying a nice buzz, clubs for hedonists to dance the night away and other party venues for the livewire revellers. You can indulge in artistic splendour projected by the local musicians, chill out at the bustling late-night cafes or have a taste of the fancy life at the posh corners. For the curious lot Singapore has its arms open wide for the visitors with a wanderlust to unveil the mystic charm this place exudes. It has a panoply of breathtakingly beautiful locales, historical masterpieces and fascinating places up its sleeves for the travellers. There are places such as the Sentosa Island with its pristine beaches on exhibition. Then there is the Skyline Luge, Jurong Bird Park and so much more. The sightseeing options are endless and one is often spoiled for choices while planning an itinerary. This is when our Singapore tourism packages comes in the picture and allow you to reap the maximum benefits even on a short trip. They are designed as such to help you cover the famous hotspots and totally dive in the flavour of this cosmopolitan paradise. For the couplesEven though this place is famous for the busy schedule it follows, it also serves as a great base for the partners who wish to escape on a romantic vacation. With its set of idyllic environs and picture-perfect destinations, the nation gives them many options to spark off the romance. In fact, we have some amazing Singapore Packages especially for such people who wish to celebrate their togetherness or re-kindle their relationship. They enjoy a cruising tour while the sea breeze ruffles through your hair. Indulge in an exquisite delight with your loved one or just enjoy the beauty of sun-soaked beaches. So double the fun of experiencing this mesmerising place with our exotic deals that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of savvy travellers. Providing you with incredible offers within your budget, these are a complete delight. So the next time you plan to visit Singapore, you know where to start from!
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