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France Tourism Holiday Packages

France is said to be seductive in nature as the whole country is packed with iconic world-renowned landmarks, marvellous art and architecture and a number of Roman temples. Stroll through the clean roads and the beautiful gardens, savour a hot cup of coffee at the best local cafes and look at the magnificent edifices by booking a trip to France this holiday season. Spend your vacation in style by opting for our France tourism packages and have the time of your life.We ensure that you get the best of everything with our holiday package that takes you through an extensive France tourism expedition. Just book our Explore European Delights (14 nights) holiday package or select the Switzerland and France (6 nights) standard package to experience the European culture closely and enliven your senses in the lush vistas. A trip to France should ideally kicked start with a visit to the majestic Eiffel Tower in Paris and that is exactly what our planned tours do, so that you can start your holiday in style. Standing at more than 320 meters, it has become the global cultural icon of the country and the most-visited monuments in the world. This one of the tallest man-made structures in the world is thronged by visitors as well as locals owing to its splendid beauty. It looks even more charming at night when dazzling lights fill its structure like gleaming gems.Then head to Mont-St-Michel, an island commune, which is considered to be the most iconic image in France, and admire the fantastic creation. Have a good look at its magnificent architecture set against the backdrop of Couesnon River’s high tides, offering a splendid view.In addition, the nation is host to a number of interesting places that not only amaze travellers but also keep them hitched to the place for years to come. Chateau de Chambord, considered one of the best chateaus in the world, is counted amongst the must-visit attractions due to its French Renaissance architecture and offers a pleasant view to the tourists.There are many more places for architecture admirers around France as Chapelle du Rosaire also comes in the list for those who love to witness ancient architectural heritage. Spend some time at the Aquarium La Rochelle, one of the largest private aquariums in Europe and get soaked in the marine life. Here you can see a number of creatures from jelly fish to big sharks as the aquarium houses over 12,000 sea creatures. This private aquarium remains packed throughout the year and is a huge hit among children. If you are travelling with family, take your kids to this place so that they have a lot many things to share with their friends.Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, a commune situated in the north-eastern region of France, is no lesser than an established township and spending a day at the place is surely worth your time. However, the history and culture of France cannot be explored by sitting at one place as it needs a lot of travel in order to explore the unexplored. So take a tour from Paris to Provence where you can get an opportunity to travel across the French Alps, visit iconic places, and admire marvellous architecture. Food lovers can also find many good eateries to enjoy hearty meals. You can dine at any of the famous French restaurants serving authentic local cuisine. Go to Auberge de la Loube restaurant, where you will have a number of choices to make from and can savour the tastiest food. They offer a special Sunday-lunch feast that includes all the local delicacies which will make your weekend even more special. Stop by the U Libecciu if you are a seafood lover as this restaurant will serve you the best seafood. You can also try different varieties here. Then pay a visit to the ice cream parlours and French cafes where you will get some amazing desserts and coffee.Indulging in a French cooking class in Paris also comes up as an option if you really want to learn or improve your culinary skills. Join a cooking class for a short duration where you will be trained by expert chefs and learn the art of making delicious French cuisine. Then there are various alluring destinations like Chamonix, Dune du Pilat, Pont du Gard and D-Day beaches that will leave you amazed any time of the day. The Pont du Gard in the southern part of the country is said to be one of the finest sites if you wish to have a look at audacious engineering. There are also a lot of religious places where you can get soaked in spiritual awakening like Cathedrale Notre Dame, the largest Gothic Cathedral in France. Plus there are some museums and galleries, where an outstanding display of artwork can be witnessed.So, get ready and take our France tourism packages to explore this outstanding country in just one go!
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