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Shimla Tourism Holiday Packages

A preferred destination amongst holiday-goers, Shimla is the most common name that comes to mind when talking about a break from the mundane life. It is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh which doubles up as a hill station and resort for weekend getaways. Based along the ridge that spans 12 kilometres, Shimla is regarded as one of the primary hubs of Indian tourism.The itineraries for the varied Shimla Tourism packages that we have on offer are designed in a manner that you get to see all sights worth a visit, without the trip becoming hectic. Going to a hill station is not just about seeing the popular spots, one should also relax and rejuvenate while being closer to nature. That is what our Shimla Tourism packages are all about.One of the most popular places in Shimla is the Mall Road. The place where this main street joins the ridge is known as the Scandal Point which is named after the uproar caused when a British woman eloped with a Hindu Maharaja during the British era. This street has been constructed during that era and the influence is still evident in the signboards around the place. This street has the police headquarters, fire service and municipal corporation offices on it and any vehicle apart from emergency vehicles are banned. That means that you can stroll along the streets without the nuisance created by cars.Check out the Himachal Pradesh emporium which is a haven of indigenously designed and produced woollen clothes. Apart from that, there are different showrooms, departmental stores, shops, restaurants and cafes on the street. You can do some shopping here or check the Lower Bazaar where the prices are even more nominal as compared to Upper Bazaar. Shops in Lower Bazaar sell daily utility products, winter apparel, walking sticks and wooden products. Also keep an eye out for book shops which sell some old and rare books that one can add to his or her library.If you are allured by history, then you shouldn’t miss the Shimla Heritage Museum. Although not very popular, you get to see photos of old Shimla which will give you a fair idea about how this hill station has evolved over the decades. The other museum is the Himachal State Museum which has an intoxicating collection of coins, jewellery, temple carvings and embroidery as well as miniatures from Rajasthan and Kangra. One thing that will strike you the most about Shimla are the historic buildings that have a strong reminiscence of the British architecture from the time it was a British Colony. For instance, take the Town Hall which is now home to the Municipal Corporation. Built in 1910, the Town Hall has huge steps at the entrance where tourists sit and relax these days. Constructed using Barog stones, it is said that each stone used was hauled up here using mules and that the hall was the summer capital during the British regime. The Viceregal Lodge which now constitutes of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, is another shining example of the British architecture and was constructed in 1884-88.For those who love culture and theatre, you ought to visit the Gaiety Theatre where you can still see performances from local dramatic clubs with a view from the Viceroy’s box. The theatre’s stage is made of Burmese teak and the theatre has recently reopened after a 5-year restoration. There are religious spots to visit as well. Firstly, there is the Christ Church at the top of the ridge which has some fine stained glass work. The construction of this church took place between 1844 and 1857 and it is regarded as the second oldest church after the one in Ambala. Then there is the Jakhu Temple which is dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman and has murals of his deeds during Ramayana. Last but not the least is the Kali Mandir where a shrine of the goddess is worshipped. Shimla has something for nature lovers as well. Visit the Himalayan Bird Park that faces the Viceregal Lodge and has a collection of exotic pheasants. For a day by the water, you should definitely take some time out for a trip to Chadwick Falls. It is at a height of around 1500 metres and joins into a deep gorge. The contiguity of the water and greenery here makes for a fascinating view.Being at a hill station, you can test your fitness limits as there are a lot of opportunities available for hiking and trekking. Just go on a walk up the hills to discover something new or just admire the views of the place. During nights, you have plenty of options of entertainment. Check out Devico’s Bar to grab a drink or just shake a leg at Footloose Disco which is dominated by Bollywood music tracks.There are plenty of deluxe and affordable hotel options based on the preference you have and you can look at that while selecting one of our Shimla Tourism packages.
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