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Laden with powder-soft snow in winters, the slopes of Zurich are transformed into a great ski destination with some of the finest ski runs in the world. And with our packages for Switzerland and Zurich adventure tours, you get the real taste of adventure while luxuriating in its scenic vistas. The most famous ski resort in Zurich is Flumserberg that offers 65 kilometres of slopes with varying runs suiting to the likes of both skilled and novice skiers. The skiing experience will truly cheer you up as you glide down the slopes. If you are new at this, head to the right side of the resort, which is less crowded - you can slip and roll over on the snow as many times without getting noticed by many.While Zurich offers thrilling skiing opportunities, the season lasts from December to April only. However, if you are planning a trip at another time of the year, Zurich will not disappoint you. Hike up to Üetliberg hill that overlooks Zurich city and the stunning lake that sits beside it. Following the scenic hiking trails, you will reach the observation tower at the top. It offers a breathtaking view (360 degree) that leaves onlookers in complete awe. If this is not enough, you can start another hike from here to Planetenweg, one of the best Zurich adventure destinations. You will walk along the ridge and discover models of the planets throughout the trail. The planet models are scaled down in the correct proportion to our solar system. Zurich’s gorgeous setting and serene environment offer plenty of hiking options. Walk past the wooden trail of Käferberg and Waidberg to delight in the views of Zurich, the lake, the Limmat Valley, Albis chain, Uetliberg and the Zürcher Unterland. Our Switzerland and Zurich adventure packages offer you a great vacation amidst these picturesque settings. Indulge in various activities like boating, sailing, surfing, wakeboarding and swimming in the Limmat River. The temperature in summer is truly pleasant, perfect for sunbathing at the lakefront. The popular sunbathing spots are Utoquai on the east shore and Mythenquai on the west. In Pfaeffikon, there lies the exemplary indoor park Alpamare. Spend a hot summer day in wave pools and enjoy exciting rides at the amusement park. Book a package for Switzerland and Zurich adventure tours with us for an action-packed vacation in the lap of the Alps. To keep your holiday hassle-free, we go the extra mile to make all arrangements including reserving flight tickets, booking hotels, planning an adventuresome itinerary and providing sightseeing tours. All you have to do is let us know, and we will cater to all your needs so that you can have an adventurous tour.
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