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Pattaya Tour Packages from Mumbai

Take a beach towel to any of the stunning beaches, dress up in your best attire for a night party, step out with your trekking shoes for a fun-filled day in the rural jungle, or strap on a scuba to splash into the sea. In Pattaya, you will definitely find an activity that suits your interests.Even if you are just sipping a cocktail, mocktail or singha on the beach, beautiful Pattaya will not disappoint you. If you have had enough of Juhu or Chaupati, we offer you some great deals on Pattaya tours from Mumbai. As per our packages from Mumbai to Thailand, Pattaya can be explored in just one go. Admire the natural beauty, magnificent architecture, pulsating nightlife, adventurous activities and water sports. Spend some time learning about Thailand’s history and culture. When in the city, make sure you try out delectable Thai cuisine after watching the Alcazar Cabaret Show and the Tiffany Cabaret Show. Our package for Pattaya tours from Mumbai give you great value for money. Spend an afternoon in the 4 Regions Floating Market and shop in a unique way. Walking on the wooden bridges, you can buy goods from boats. Better yet, hire a boat and cruise along to get the real taste of traditional Thai life.
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Bangkok better than Pattaya

January 07, 2014 By : Divya Kalita, Bangkok, Pattaya

we were family. my kids enjoyed a lot on pattaya but we could not enjoy the nightlife much. it gets too much. so take care if you plan to go with family. bangkok was much more fun. we took deluxe package as suggested by dpauls which was a very good suggestion. well arranged and very cost effective.
Good Package

December 18, 2015 By : rohit kumar, Bangkok, Pattaya

Cost effective and best one