This section contains some step-by-step tutorials to help you get started with your own Whitelabel site. These self-study tutorials will help to give you a better understanding on how the whitelabel solution should be used. The tutorials will also guide you on some basic steps that you will need to take at your end in order to get the most out of your site.

Some of the currently Published Tutorials are:

1. Getting Your Whitelabel Site To Appear In Google Search Results

As most whitelabel sites are hosted through the parent domain of the whitelabel solution provider, it can sometimes take a long time before your site starts showing up in Google Search results. However, there are some steps that YOU can take in order to ensure that you appear in Google Search results.

2. Tutorial – Generating Google Analytics Tracking Code For Your Website

From the standpoint of improving Google rankings and also to track visitors on your site, it is imperative that he site must first be enabled on Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a very powerful tool for website owners and webmasters alike, which helps them not only to verify their ownership of the site but also to track the performance of the site.
For us to be able to verify your site on Google as well as to track the visitors on the site, we would need access to the Google Analytics Tracking Code. Needless to say that adding a tracking code to the websites has various advantages, not the least of them being the improved search rankings of the site. We urge you to study this simple step-by-step tutorial and send us the tracking code as soon as possible.

3. Tutorial – Package Builder Module – Step By Step Guide Your Website

The WhiteLabel Solution provided by DPauls comes with a highly customisable and powerful tool – the Package Builder module that helps you to create and display your own packages on your website. This very dynamic module lets you take complete charge of your website and the products that you wish to display on the website. In fact, you are in complete control of not just the package inclusions, but also the pricing.
The Package Builder is easy to use and highly intuitive. In this step-by-step tutorial we will see how you can best utilize the Package Builder module. This slideshow makes it very easy for you to get to know the module.