Power Of 4 In Price Of 1
  1. White Label Solution: This enables you to set up your very own, fully-functional website, powered by real-time bookings for the below-mentioned services. All of this under YOUR own branding.
  2. B2B: With our B2B Affiliate Login, you can make bookings for clients visiting your office for all our super-value products. Instantly.
  3. Offline Support: The traditional way of transacting business where you can call or mail us and our team will handle the bookings for you.
How Much Will I Need To Invest?

At DPauls, we firmly believe that any relationship should be a Win-Win association for both parties involved, and hence our pricing structure has been carefully designed so as to not put a financial strain on any party. Accordingly, the investment structure has been worked out as below:

  1. Your Initial Deposit will be Rs.50 Thousand (Rupees Fifty Thousand Only).
  2. Out of this, 50% of the deposited amount would be transferred to your B2B Affiliate Login account as credit available to you, against which you can make offline bookings, and the amount of bookings made will get offset against this deposit.
  3. The balance 50% of the amount is a one-time start-up cost, which is non-refundable. So effectively, you end up paying only Rs.25,000/- for acquiring the DAN Solution. Please note that any amount or part payment being paid by you towards the finalization of the White Label Solution shall be non-refundable and non-adjustable.
Optional Value Add-ons:

In addition to the DAN solution, we are pleased to offer you the following Optional Add-Ons which would help to greatly enhance the product. These optional add-ons are:

  • Package Builder + Banner Uploading: For a one-time set-up fee of Rs. 25000/-, you can Create Your Own Exclusive Packages similar to the products of DPauls and display them on your website. Create banners and link them to your packages. You can link them with the enquiry form, or make them bookable online.
  • Dedicated Sales Resource: Get a dedicated travel professional from us who will attend all your customer calls and queries and respond to them in a timely manner. The resource will also handle your B2B queries. The optional cost would be INR 25000/- per month for this service.
  • Secure your website with HTTPS & SSL- Rs.5,000/-: Get your website https secured with SSL. Give your website a green tab of security. Benefits of being secured HTTPS are Increased Customer Confidence, Increased Conversions, Increased Google Rankings, Improved Security, Updated Browser Labels. The optional cost would be INR 5000/- per year for this service.
  • Professional & Promotional Combo – Rs.5,000/-:
    1. Set of 5 Email Ids: Give professional feel with your email ids with your brand name. (Eg:
    2. SEO Friendly Static Website: Want to see your website on Google search. We will give you an SEO friendly website which will be connected to your white label website. Your website will be in your control & you can manage all pages and create new pages as per your requirement.
    3. Hosting:Manage your website on your own by creating your web pages according to your need on your own.
    4. SMS Tool + Credit of 5,000 SMS:Reach your customers directly by using the SMS marketing.