Simple Integration

OK. So you have decided to sign up for DAN and are probably wondering about what you need to do in order to have the DAN integration done. Actually, as far as you are concerned, the process is pretty simple and straight-forward.

Domain & Hosting – You only need to have your own domain name, for example, and we will do the rest. You do not need to have a separate web hosting service for it, as we will be providing the same for your travel portal. Should you require a domain name to be booked for your company, we can do that as well on your behalf, at nominal annual charges. Please be advised that a domain name remains your property (for the duration i is booked for), and for this reason, it does not automatically come included in DAN.

Access to NameServers Administration – Every domain name comes with an admin panel that allows access to the NameServers. For a definition of what NameServers are,
please see this link. For providing the DAN solution, we will need to modify the NameServers to point to our own servers through which this service will be provided.

Your Branding & Corporate Colour Scheme – One of our core benefits is that we promote Your branding as an independent business. Accordingly, we strive to provide you your website in your corporate colour scheme. For this we need to be guided by you. In case you have a defined corporate colour scheme, you can advise us about the same, or advise us about the desired colour theme that you would like your site to be prepared in, We will strive to incorporate the same, to the extent that it is technically feasible. You will also need to provide us your logo, so that it can be incorporated within the theme.

Your Email ID – You will also need to provide us with your own email id to be used on the site. This is extremely important as all booking queries, transactional information and other customer contacts will be routed to you on the same email id through the website.