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The Ultimate Guide Before You Plan for your Next Trip

Bangkok, the lively capital of Thailand, is an high-end city with shimmering skyscrapers and ornate shrines. A city with plenty of history and culture offers you a fascinating time full of fun and frolic. With enchanting gardens and mesmerizing royal heritage Bangkok is real treat for the tourists. Known as the Land of the Smile, Bangkok will welcome you with an open heart and allow you to enjoy the bustles of the city in the morning and the crazy tunes of the nightclubs at the night. It is certainly a city which never sleeps and it is both tacky and high-end at the same time.

Attractions in Bangkok

From a medieval Royal palace to Buddhist shrines, from enormous lakes to bustling markets, you will never be short of things to do once you reach Bangkok.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is also known as the temple of Reclining Buddha and it is famous for a colossal size of the statue. The statue of Lord Buddha is a massive 15 meters tall and 46 meters in length. So you can well imagine why tourists from all over the world come and visit this temple. Though the massive Buddha figure is the focal attraction of this place but the temple also has another things for you to explore. Like for instance the colorful and vibrant mural illustrations of 400 Buddha images is definitely a sight to savor as you will also find many beautiful chedis inside the temple. The temple also has an enchanting Chinese pavilion making it a perfect place to visit during the day time. There is also a Thai massage school inside the temple where the tourists can enter.

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat

It is another important Buddhist shrine in Bangkok and this temple is known for a Giant Swing located outside, in the courtyard. This giant red colored swing, which is located just outside the entrance of this important Buddhist temple was originally from the province of Phrae and it was brought to Bangkok for this temple. This 21 meters high wooden structure becomes a center of a great religious festival. A bag of gold is kept hung from the top of this swing and men climb up the two side poles to reach to the top. This charismatic showcase of Buddhist bravado happens during the Brahman festival and it gathers a lot of curious crowds.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace or the huge compound of the Thai Royals is certainly a spectacle to enjoy for the tourists. Built back in the year 1782 this palace has been the house to many Thai monarchs and till now it serves as a refuge for many high-end state officials of Thailand. Apart from that the palace is also known as the home of What Phra Kaeo or the well-known Emerald Buddha. Once you enter the palace you will get to see the mesmerizing architecture and the ancient relics which are indeed of great significance as far as the Siamese history is concerned. You should definitely hire an English guide in order to understand the relevance of the relics and the architectures to the fullest.

Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok National Museum

Also known as the Green Lung of Bangkok this place is a perfect getaway spot, an ideal day trip destination, for the tourist. Whilst the entire city of Bangkok is covered in skyscrapers and busy marketplaces this bit of heaven is actual an artificial island, formed due to a bend of a canal of the Chao Phraya River. Located in the Phra Padaeng district of Bangkok this place is full of lush green forestland and enchanting river banks. You not find the least of urban bustling of Bangkok and in stead this place will offer you peace and tranquility. There are some small temples scattered all across the place as the tribal spirit houses will give you some goosebumps.

Lumpini Park

Covering more than 2.5 kilometers this vast stretch of green is definitely a place to wander around inside Bangkok. Locals use this area for their jogging and morning walk whilst the tourists can have a pretty good time spending a leisurely afternoon. There are a number of aerobic classes which happens inside this park and they also welcome tourists to join in for a session. Apart from that there are amenities like paddle boats with which you can float across the water-bodies and view all the things in the core of the park like the Chinese-inspired gazebos and a stage where various concerts are being performed.
Lumpini Park
Yaowarat Road

Yaowarat Road

Your trip to Bangkok will never be completed till you walk the streets of this city. Yaowarat Road of Bangkok is certainly one place which you definitely cannot miss out on. Located right at the heart of the Chinatown in Bangkok this place was built back in the year 1891 and this road hosts one of the most attractive food markets in entire Thailand. The party starts after the sunset as the vendors come out with their stalls to serve you the most exotic oriental cuisines. Lining both side of the road there are plenty of places from where you can buy scrumptious dumplings, spring-rolls, and noodles. The presence of the strong Chinese community, who moved here from the banks of the Chao Pharya River in 1782, makes the place even more authentic.

Khao San Road

It is a slice of backpackers' paradise as you get to see many Western tourists flocking here every summer to experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The place has a true cosmopolitan appeal as you will find many affordable accommodation spread across the streets as the bars and the restaurants serve you all sorts of Eastern and Western cuisines that you can imagine. The air of this place is intoxicated with a party vibe as the nightclubs and pubs get themselves ready for a fabulous evening of fun and frolic. If you are traveling with friends and you are done with your visits to the shrines and temples of Bangkok then it is the perfect place to let your hair down and have a superb fun time in Thailand
Khao San Road
Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit or the Temple of the Golden Buddha has a long and interesting history. It is being said that during the 1950's when the East Asiatic company purchased the land they found out that the Buddha was covered in plaster. Once accidentally the plaster came off people realized that the statue is originally made from solid gold and was covered in plaster in order to hide it from the invaders. However, the true origin of this statue is yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, this golden statue of Buddha weighs almost 5.5 tons of pure soild gold and it stands at a substantial height of 3.5 meters. Due to its overall value and the sheer brilliance people from all over the world come to witness this wonder.

Terminal 21

Though it might sound like a subway metro station but it actually is not. It is in fact a fabulous shopping destination which is actually a crime to miss out on, once you are in Bangkok. It is the shopping mall of all shopping malls in Thailand as you will get many different sorts of items on display here. From fashion-wears to luxury products each floor of this mall has a different theme adhering to any particular international city. Like for instance the entry level floor near the BTS station is Paris whilst the floor above it is Tokyo. If you move up to another floor you will find yourself standing in front of one of the iconic red telephone booths like in London. Then there is the Caribbean, the majestic Istanbul, and also San Fransico. So it kind of a world tour within a shopping mall.
Terminal 21
In the Spotlight

Bangkok is a well-known dining destination in the entire world and thanks to this vibrant city of the East, the reputation of Thai cuisine has spread across the seven seas and now has reached the furthest corners of the globe. However, it is not just Thai food that you get served in the various restaurants of Bangkok, as starting from Chinese to Malay, Indian to Italian, the restaurants of Bangkok cover a wide spectrum when it comes to global cuisine. Be it the high-end fine dining venues or the roadside shacks near the banks of the river, Bangkok is ready to give you some special gastronomical treat.

Chim By Siam Wisdom : This fabulous eatery is run by a Thai chef who first started his career back in the wild streets of London. Strange as it might sound but this Eastern chef first gained his popularity back in the West
but it was his love for Thailand which brought him back home. This authentic Thai eatery now draws a decent crowd of both foreigners and locals and the the things he does with the seafood is certainly worth trying. The wooden decor of the place with plants hanging out from the glass ceiling, evokes a charming appeal whilst his signature dishes like cane-smoked duck breast and soft-shell crabs have helped him win Michelin star.
Chim By Siam Wisdom
Jae Oh
Jae Oh : This nighttime hangout for the students of the Chulalongkorn University is actually a very cool eatery for the tourists to come and enjoy.
From instant cooked foods for the rushing students to scrumptious finger foods this restaurant can make you feel the heart-beat of the Thai culinary world. Starting from the various duck dishes and fries to the delicious fish items you can really have a finger-licking experience out there. Once you are there you will see how a bunch of 3-5 students sharing a large bowl of tom yum soup whilst you and your friends can order minced prok balls or mixed seafood items to pass your time.
Mr Joe : The name of the eatery has a colonial appeal and that too for good reasons. This Bangkok restaurant has successfully combined the Eastern spices with the Western grills
and its signature dish in the form of the ride noodle broth has achieved considerable praise in the market. However, if you ask the tourists they will accept the fact that a majority of the people go there for the delectable pork belly recipe along with the soft noodle dishes which are ordered so frequently in this place. The meat items are also delicious as they are grilled and also fried giving them a crunchy and juicy texture which every meat-eater adores.
Mr Joe
Jay Fai
Jay Fai : The You cannot escape the temptation of the street foods of Bangkok and it is just not any street-food outlet as it is only the third roadside food joint to win a Michelin star. So, it is indeed something very special. What is more fascinating about this eatery is that the chef herself is more than 70 years old and she wears her goggles and cooks in an open-fire kitchen. She controls the charcoal-fire woks like some wizard and will deliver scrumptious delicacies in no time. It is by far the most popular street-food joint in entire Bangkok and the Chinese stir-fry items here is simply mind-blowing. Seafood lovers should definitely try the sweet crab curry served with scrambled egg.
Starting from pastas made from potatoes this restaurant supports a completely vegan lifestyle and encourages people to embrace it. The menu of this place comprise of 100% vegetarian Thai ingredients and they are green and savory to say the least. The entire range of items is very suitable to the Indian palate and you are bound to have a nice time round here. The restaurant also serves homemade egg-less cakes at the end of your course.
The Local : Hidden in the forbidden alleyways of Soi Cowboy this special eatery allows the foreigners to enjoy a taste of the authentic southern Thailand recipes.
Though there are many Thai restaurants spread across the city very few of them actually serves the food from the coastal planes of the country. Taste the salt water of coconut and the sea in this enchanting eatery located in the heart of the most notorious lanes of Thailand. The place serves many historic recipes and it is a delight for the tourists who has a taste for something different. The ox tongue recipe is quite delightful whilst the crab and coconut dip along with lotus stem will offer you a chance to taste some authentic southern-Thai cuisine.
The Local

The currency of Thailand is Baht and it what is accepted in Bangkok. That is why it is important that you convert your currency to Baht before you start with your trip. You can carry as much as 10,000 Baht whilst entering Bangkok and 20,000 Baht if you are traveling with your family. However, that does not stop you from spending more as you will get a lot of FOREX offices near your hotel from where you can exchange your Indian currency and convert it into Baht. Do remember that Thailand is a cash dependent economy and if you are looking for a truly exotic experience in Bangkok then do carry your cash. From paying the cab drivers to paying the guides in the various sites, you need to pay by cash.

Special Tips

  • Keep your Baht handy wherever you are traveling in Bangkok. You can have either an expensive trip or an affordable one, but no matter what you need to keep your Baht handy.
  • A fine dining experience in Bangkok will cost you around 1500 to 2000 Baht whilst the regular eateries will charge you around 500 to 750 Baht per person.
  • If you are traveling by taxi then you need to pay about 800 to 900 Baht on average, depending on where you are going.
  • Most of the museums and the experiences will charge you around 200 to 500 Baht, but if you hire an English guide then it would be charged extra.
  • If you are looking for a fun night out in the nightclubs of Bangkok then you might have to spend around 1000 to 1500 Baht per person.

Entertainment & Event

The city where the monitor lizards roam safely with people welcomes you with smiles and wonders.

  • Flora and Fauna

    When we talk about Bangkok we mostly speak about its urban night-life and the fabulous spas and shopping centers. But the fact remains that the city is not without its fair share of greenery. Lumpini Park stretches quite far within the borders of Bangkok and it is definitely the green heart of the Thai capital. Many variety of hardwood timber grow in plenty in this park along with many fruits and flowering plants. The likes of Crepe Myrtle is observed in plenty as its purple and pink flowers add to the beauty of this park. Now where there are trees, there are birds and once you visit the place you will surely get some glimpses of the oriental magpies and other birds residing inside the dense forestation.

    The park is also well-known for its huge collection of oriental reptiles which often catch the attention of the tourists. The likes of water monitor can be observed in the banks of the water-body of the park and you can catch a glimpse of these huge creatures whilst paddle boating across the canals. However, they are quite harmless and if not disturbed they do not attack the tourists. Apart from the monitor lizards the park also has many Varanus salvator and other reptiles. There are also many snakes inside the park but they hardly come out during the day time.

  • Festivals

    The truly vibrant city of Bangkok is a home for many festivals and occasions. Starting from the Buddhist ceremonies to the Hindu rituals, Bangkok celebrates many colorful festivals throughout the year. The Songkran festival in the middle of the month of April marks the start of the Thai New Year and it is celebrated wildly all across the city. Apart from that Loy Krathong celebration is quite fascinating in Bangkok as people gather around the lakes and canals of the city and they fly Chin

    Talking about Chinese lanterns the Chinese New Year is also celebrated with much passion and vigor here in Bangkok along with the Hindu festival of Navaratri. There is a strong Indian community in Bangkok and they celebrate this festival alongside Thai residents of the city. Though not predominantly a Christian country Bangkok is also known for its very energetic Christmas celebrations as people from various corners of the western world gather here to rejoice each December.

  • Culture

    The happy and fun loving Thai people are soft spoken and very welcoming to the foreigners. Bangkok as a city experiences a lot of foreign visitors on a regular basis and that is the reason why they are very open and friendly towards their guests. All the waiters and shop-keepers are pretty well-versed with English and you can communicate with them with freedom and ease. The culture of Bangkok is essentially different from the other areas of Thailand mostly due to its multi-cultural exposure.

    There is also a huge Indian community residing in Bangkok making it easier for the Indian tourists to come and travel. It is a very charming and vibrant melting pot of the East wherein the Thais, the Chinese, and the Indians reside together in harmony. People from Bangkok travel to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on a regular basis and that is why you will find them well aware of the situations of South-Eastern Asia.