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Things to do in Goa

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Tourist Attractions in Goa


Goa is a pristine land blessed with Beautiful landscape, rich natural resources and wonderful blend of Portuguese and Indian culture. Swaying palms, Pristine white sands and sparkling blue water are the three main component of this beautiful land. Goa is an amazing place with its unspoilt beaches and a unique lifestyle make it distinguishable from the rest of India. However, this state, nestled in Western Ghats and bordered by the Arabian Sea, provides more charm to the state. Rich in natural abundance of flora and fauna, the ghats region of Goa is a perfect reverse of the bustling and sizzling beaches of Goa. The region is seeing a surge in ecotourism and sustainable development in the area thus, conserving environment as well as broadening the scope of tourism in the state. Beautiful rivulets, spectacular falls, towering rock hills, thick foliage of green and wide variety of Flora and fauna species makes the state a heaven for nature lovers.


Tourist Attractions in goa

Now, to complement the naturally blessed resources there is the rich culture and heritage of Goa. A Portuguese colony for centuries, this area is perfect blend of Portuguese and Indian customs and culture. The people of Goa live with a simple motto of Live Life to the fullest and enjoy. The Unique joie de vivre lifestyle of the Goans is unique and unmatched in entire India. The heritage of Goa is rich with Churches, Temples and Forts all from the era of Portuguese rule. Enjoy the heart warming dinning with the spicy delicacies of Goa combined with its own blend of Cashew Feni. Enliven your evening with a romantic cruise in the rivers of Goa. Surround yourself with hippies, party hoppers and animated crowds at the night and finally unwind yourself in the exotic resorts. Goa offers a great experience to the tourists and has everything for everyone. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of exuberance, enjoy the hospitality of the naïve Goans, unwind yourself in the pristine and exotic beaches, enjoy the adrenaline rush of water sports, climb uphill in the Ghats, cross the rivulets and treat yourself by being close to the nature, have a river cruise watching sunset, enjoy the nightlife in Goa. Goa is a one stop destination, offering lifetime experience to tourist from different parts of the world.