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France, the country of love and lights, the glamorous boulevards and the patio cafes, the quaint bookshops and the fascinating art galleries, the cheese and the win, beckons the most romantic souls of the planet to spend a splendid time and cherish the memories forever. From the Eiffel Tower to the walk along the banks of Seine, France will allow you to enjoy some of the most extraordinary moments of your life.

Attractions in France

The most beautiful European country has many treasures up its sleeves. From Paris to Bordeaux there are many enchanting castles and sites which you can savor. From the enigmatic beauty of Versailles to the haunting appeal of Mont Saint-Michel, France is never short of its fascinating attractions.

Loire Valley Chateaux

Loire Valley Chateaux

Loire Valley Chateaux

An exact story-book castle is what is store for the visitors of Lorre Valley. The countryside and the woods surrounding the marvelous castle will remind you for a fairy tale. Known as the "Garden of France" this architecture has a prominent features of a Renaissance design. The manor house located in the garden is also equally appealing. This castle was originally built for King Francis I and oddly this palace has a very feminine appeal to it. The ornamental surrounding will surely put you in a trance. This chateau is definitely one of the major attractions when you visit France.

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles

Which was initially just a hunting lodge was later transformed into a palace by France's Sun King Louis XIV. The palace eventually became a symbol of King Louis's stature and pride. The lavish interior design of this place will certainly mesmerize you beyond limits as you will surely get lost in its famous Hall of Mirrors. The Hall glitters in sunshine as you will be simply dazzled by the ornamental windows that reflect the light on the several mirrors. This place will give you an instant glimpse into the earlier lives of the French Royals.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

It is perhaps the most iconic landmarks of France and definitely the most famous postcard picture when it comes to Paris. Which was once constructed as merely a temporary structure in the World Fair of 1889 this 320 meters high architecture is now not only an attraction of Paris but of entire Europe. The colossal beauty is also commonly known as the Iron Lady and visitors from around the globe flock here, every year to witness this majestic tower. The most fascinating part is that the tourists can climb it up and dine there whilst enjoying a panoramic view of the city.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Known as the Pyramids of the Sea this magnificent destination is located near the coast of Normandy. Easily one of the most popular attractions of France this place is castle on the rocky isles which adds to the enigma and the mystery of the destination. The castle is popularly known as Abbey Saint-Michel and it is just 155 meters from the sea surrounding the place. Needless to say that the view is phenomenal and the serene appeal will simply transform you to another world.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

This Gothic style cathedral near Paris is certainly a must-visit destination once you reach France. Covering around 2,500 square meters of area this medieval architecture will offer you a haunting appeal, which is beautiful and yet chilling at the same time. Considered to be a classic European cathedral this destination you will just get spellbound by beauty of the charming rose windows.
Then there is Passion window and of course the enchanting Blue Virgin window which dates back to the 12th Century. The cathedral also arranges for some light shows, for the visitors, from the month of April to November.
 Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Chartres


Provence is natural French landscape with its ornamental appeal of the olive groves and lush purple-colored lavender fields stretching for miles down the hills. The scenic beauty of this place will transport you to another world as you will get to see the charming French country houses. The scenery of this place has once inspired many artists including Matisse and Picasso.
Even today you will find many painters and musicians performing outdoors on the cobblestone paths as you can sit in some of the quaint little outdoor cafes of the place. There is Aix-en-Provence the local market square where you can find some exotic herbs along with pure and organic olive oil. There are of course some museums and some medieval sites which you can savor whilst you are there.

Mont Blanc

Do not make the mistake of thinking that France is a country just full of lush green outfields and charming vineyards. Whilst there are many such locations, France also has its fair share of high-altitude mountains. The Mont Blanc is also known as the White Mountain in France is always covered in snow and its reaches a height of 4810 meters from the sea level.
Nestled under the high mountains there is a quaint little alpine hamlet which is a must-visit for all the tourists planning to visit France. If you are not up for hiking then this village will offer you nice wooden lodges to sleep and delightful menus to choose from the many wee restaurants out there, whilst you can just enjoy the beautiful mountain view.
Mont Blanc
Alsace Village

Alsace Village

Located between the charming hills of Alsace and the river Rhine, this village offers more than you can ever imagine. Typically a French village with all its quaint appeals this place is pitted with beautiful timber-houses and churches reflecting the image of a small story-book town. The village is known for its ornamental floral decoration and has been awarded by the French Government on several occasions.
The historic houses, the medieval churches, and the floral decor on the cobblestone paths of the villages will take you to another world altogether. Dodge the hustles of Paris or Bordeaux and enjoy a nice time walking together in this marvelous village atmosphere.


Meet all the fashionable French people in the coastal region of Biarritz in the Bay of Biscay. The idealistic French seaside resort will welcome you with all its wonders and French-Navy stripped umbrellas and arm-chairs at the beach. The charming appeal of this beach is unmatched to anywhere else in the world as you can savor the pleasant sea breeze and enjoy the scrumptious delights in most of the Michelin-star restaurants out there. There is also a beautiful lighthouse and big aquarium which you can enjoy with your family and friends.
In the Spotlight

France is a hub of quality eateries and some of the world's top restaurants are available in this country. You are certainly up for a gastronimical delight if you are planning to visit France. With the highest number of Michelin-star restaurants in the world France is certain to give your tastebuds a pleasant surprise.

Au Cerf : Eating in France is not just about visiting the dazzling restaurants in the main cities but also traveling to the charming villages and finding out a delightful place where you will be greeted by the friendly staff and warm delicious foods.
Au Cerf is one of those places in the ornamental countryside of Alsace where you will find scrumptious Munster cheese, which is locally made, along with choucroute served with fish.
Au Cerf
Maison Kammerzell
Maison Kammerzell: Just beside the cathedral at Strasbourg, and old house is being transformed into one of the finest eateries serving French cheese and wine.
The place is decorated with nice frescoes from the Renaissance period and the food served here is simply mind blowing. You will get the authentic Aslatian dishes at this place along with the original French choucroute served with three different kinds of fish.
La Chapon Fin: Perhaps one of the finest eateries in entire Bordeaux this place also reflects a charming Art Nouveau decor which is quintessentially French and hence charming and romantic to its core.
A perfect dinner venue for honeymooners and couples where you will get the finest varieties of wild mushrooms and wine. The service is excellent as you will be allowed to sample some food before ordering and the chef of this place has redefined the concept of fine French cuisine by rediscovering some traditional French dishes like langoustines with caviar and sea bass.
La Chapon Fin
Auberge du Cheval Blanc
Auberge du Cheval Blanc: If you are visiting the Basque country region of France then a visit to this restaurant is a must. The chef has recently won a Michelin-star and the food is simply exceptional.
The wooden frame of the restaurant is complemented with the parquet flooring and this Lembach eatery is just an hour's drive from Strasbourg. From foie gras to pigeon, all types of meats are available at this place and they are served with authentic French wine.
La Cafe de Paris: More than just a restaurant or a cafe this place has now turned into a Parisian icon. Renovated with fashion of 1920's this retro eatery is a very popular spot for tourists and locals alike.
Anytime you visit this place will offer you classic brasserie cuisine and the view from the terrace is simply mind blowing. You can literally witness the city coming to life, slowly as the sun sets in the horizon. Starting from French Burger to Quiche with Chips, you will get to have many sorts of finger foods at this place.
La Cafe de Paris

The currency of France is Euro now, as France is now a part of the European Union. Before January 2002 the currency of France was Franc. However, that currency is no longer acceptable anywhere else in the country. But whilst browsing through the products and the items in the markets of France you will encounter both price tags in both franc and Euro. There are 7 different Euro notes that are in circulation in France and you need to collect both the smaller and higher denominations from the Forex. Though international credit cards are acceptable in most of the places some of the French vendors only accepts cash. There are many other cafes and pubs which also accepts payment via cash. That is why it is important that you collect enough Euro before you travel to France.

Special Tips

  • French restaurants, pubs, and cafes might be reluctant to offer you changes to Euro 500 notes. That is why it is vital that you carry Euro 100 and Euro 50 notes whilst going to France.
  • Everyone expects a bit of tip in France so try and carry some coins as well.
  • Along with international debit card you should also carry an international credit card because in case you run out of money, you can clear your hotel bills.
  • In times of bargaining with the vendors of a flea market make sure that you are accompanied by a local tour guide or a hotel staff, because otherwise they might end up charging you more.
  • Keep in track of all the Money Exchange outlets nearby in order to en-cash your Indian money, anytime during the tour.

Entertainment & Event

Sophisticated culture, rich wildlife, and enigmatic festivals of France.

  • Flora and Fauna

    Due to the variation in the climatic condition the flora and fauna of France is also quite varied. The northern territory of France is covered in oak and beech whilst the middle part has a dense concentration of willow, pine, birch, and also poplar. The southern part has eucalyptus and dwarf pine plants whilst the Mediterranean region is covered in olive trees, mulberry bushes, and of course some vines. Apart from these there are also some chestnut plants observed in certain part of this west European country.

    Like the flora itself, there is a variation of faunas in France. The northern part of the country is home to brown bear, mountain hair, marmot and chamois. The other parts of the country has many hedgehogs, wild boars, polecat, martens, shrews, and various forms of deer. There are also some foxes, badger, squirrels, bat, otter, and rabbits. The variety of birds in France is no lesser when compared to the animals. The likes of eagles, flamingos, partridges, and pheasants are found throughout the country.

  • Festivals

    The beautiful country of France is no short of its festivals and celebrations. France's love for art, culture, and movie makes the festivals vibrant and colorful. The Bastille Day on 14th of July is certainly one of the biggest festivals of France, as they celebrate the birth of French democracy. There are fireworks, dance parades, and military processions on that day. The Fête de la Musique music festival is also celebrated throughout the country as people make merry and drink wine during that time.

    However, the most recognized French festival is certainly the Cannes Film Festival. Celebrated in the month of May this festival attracts many film stars and directors all across the world. Then there is the Nice Carnival in the city of Nice where drinks and music become an essential part of life for the locals and the tourists. Paris Quartier d’Eté festival is perhaps the most joyous festival in the city of Paris as various open-air concerts and shows are held throughout the city and they continue for a month.

  • Culture

    Interestingly the word "culture" is actually derived from a French word and that too for good reasons. France can easily be considered as the center of European art, fashion, cuisine, and culture. The culture of France is influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman tribes along with some German tribes which later settled in some of the major parts of France. The French people are naturally proud of their national heritage and especially their language and art.

    They are mostly reluctant to speak in any other tongue than their own and they like talking about their art and archirecture in great deapths. However, they are a very inclusive society and they welcome foreigners with open arms. French people are one of the most progressive peoples on the planet and they offer a pretty cosmopolitan and liberal vibe to the tourists.