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Canada is the second largest country on earth in terms of land and is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. This country is renowned worldwide for its vast, untouched landscape, its unique blend of cultures, high quality of life and multifaceted history makes it one of the major tourist destinations. Canada is blessed with plenty of natural resources, pristine landscape, virgin mountains, deep blue lakes, colour changing maple trees, vast stretch of wilderness, glaciers, icebergs, Tundra flora and fauna and legendary northern lights. This is a country which is vast, sparsely populated and has one of the last remaining wildernesses in our planet. Visit North Canada and you will see some out worldly landscape straight from a fantasy epic. Clean crisp chilled air, sparkling Blue waters, clear sky, white gleaming icebergs, majestic polar bears, Grizzly bears, humpback whales, meandering rivers filled with salmon fish, Tundra vegetation, aboriginal structures, northern lights, glaciers, snow covered virgin mountains, and the legendary northern lights; which fascinates the mankind since the antiquity. The Southern Region is renowned for beautiful colours of maple trees, endless blue sky, green farmlands, quaint countryside and some of the world’s most exciting cities, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa renowned for various festivals, culture and highest quality of life. The Western region has endless stretch of mountains, clear lakes, thick foliage of tundra vegetation, Pacific coast sea beaches and the futuristic city of Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Visit the beautiful Banff National Park, search for Gold in Yukon, enjoy cowboy festivals at Alberta, This region offers endless opportunities for each and every traveller. The Eastern region is full of culture and importance. This is the regions which saw first advent of Europeans and one of the earliest colonies in Canada was established. Numerous islands dotted the River St. Lawrence and make it one of the beautiful places of Canada. Canada is often considered as part of American culture but beware, calling Canadians a part of American culture may result in straight disapproval and heated discussion. In fact, Canadians has a distinct culture and most Canadians often flaunt them and openly say we are not Americans. Canada is a multicultural country result of open hearted and discrimination free immigration policies. Canada was initially settled by indigenous tribes, still present in the vast wilderness of Northern Canada. Later during the medieval ages European explorers discovered the land and began to claim them. Later the British and French started colonies which later become fully fledged Country. During the two World Wars, Canada saw increase in number of Europeans, Asians and African immigrants resulted in a dynamic population.


Attractions in Canada

Canada is one of the most multi dimensional countries on our planet. A strong economy, skilled military and its diplomatic efforts earned it respect globally. On The domestic front it is one of the best countries in terms of parameters of life, technological innovations, conflict management, environment preservation and tourism. Any visit to Canada, irrespective of which region or province you visit, irrespective of what you do, will have an unmatched experience that you will cherish throughout your life.